DOB 27/02/2023

Very gentle and friendly Siberian girl. Spayed. Registered with WCF.

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UPDATE: VANIA found his new home

DOB 09/30/2022

Very affectionate and calm. Neutered. Registered with WCF.


UPDATE: VASILY found his new home

DOB 09/30/2022

Very friendly and affectionate. Neutered. Registered with WCF.


UPDATE: ULYBKA found her new home

DOB 09/30/2022

Beautiful blue-eyed girl with amazingly good character. Spayed. Registered with WCF.

Angel’s Joy Gianni aka Garfield

(UPDATE: Gianni found his new home)

DOB 3/21/22

Gianni is a big gentle cat with an extraordinary character. He loves to cuddle and is very calm and affectionate.

Angel’s Joy Gianni

Angel’s Joy Gianni

Angel’s Joy INDIGO

(UPDATE: INDIGO found his new home)

DOB 10/12/2022

INDIGO is an affectionate, talkative, and very friendly kitten. Loves cuddles and attention.

Angel’s Joy INDIGO
Angel’s Joy INDIGO

QURAY (male)

UPDATE: QURAY found his new home.

DOB 5/1/2022

Quray is an amazingly beautiful Siberian cat with exceptional character. He is a very friendly and affectionate boy. Quray would be a great fit for any family with other animals or children.

NORTON (male)

UPDATE: NORTON found his new home.

DOB 3/18/2021

Norton is Nikolas’s brother. He is a little bit shy and timid but he just as equally appreciates love and attention in the form of soft head scratches and cat snacks. He gets along with other cats and our dog Golden Retriever. He is a perfect match for a family without small children.

PERSEY (male)

UPDATE: PERSEY found his new home.

DOB 11/17/2021

Friendly and outgoing, Persey is a modest companion who will greet you as you wake up and quietly ask for love and attention by digging into his food bowl and purring loudly.

NIKOLAS (male)

UPDATE: NIKOLAS found his new home.

DOB 3/18/2021

Nikolas is a charismatic and social male cat who is always at the center of the spotlight, pleading for attention. He starts purring and head butting people at the slightest touch and he gets just as jealous if you share your love with someone else.