Thank you for visiting our virtual home of our Angel’s Joy Siberian cats and kittens.

In 2019, we got our first cat thinking one would be enough for us to love. We soon realized that we had so much more love for our cats than we could have imagined, therefore we decided to share our love with others through our cats and kittens.

Named after our first cat, Angel’s Joy Charisma Blue (at home, Milka), our cattery raises only the most adorable and lovable cats you will ever meet.

We are a small TICA-registered home-based cattery of purebred Siberian Neva Masquerade cats and kittens located in the Tampa Bay area, Florida, United States. Our breeding cats came from reputable Siberian cat breeders from Russia and Lithuania that have excellent championship bloodlines.

Our amazing cats are our family members, loved by us, our children, our dog, and our friends.

Once you get to meet a Siberian, you will fall in love with him/her as we did.

The International Cat Assosiation
Portrait of a Majestic Siberian Cat with a luxurious, thick fur coat and captivating blue eyes. This stunning hypoallergenic feline showcases the breed's regal beauty and friendly nature. Perfect for cat lovers seeking a delightful companion
William Arkaim*RU of Angel’s Joy / Siberian Neva Masquerade kitten / Blue Lynx Tabby Point

Siberian Cat Adoption Florida
Angel’s Joy GiGi (Siberian Neva Masquerade kitten, color: Blue Lynx Tabby Point