Are your cats hypoallergenic?

Siberian cats are often considered to be hypoallergenic or at least less likely to cause allergies in some people compared to other cat breeds. It’s important to understand that no cat breed is entirely hypoallergenic. Allergic reactions to cats are usually triggered by a protein found in a cat’s saliva called Fel d 1. Each cat has a different level of this protein in the saliva. At this point, there is no guarantee that someone with severe allergies will not get an allergic reaction to a particular kitten or cat.

Do you have a waitlist?

Since we don’t have many litters, we don’t have a waitlist. We only start looking for new families when the kittens are born and they are at least 4-6 weeks old. It’s important to us to see how each kitten is growing and developing, and what kind of personality each kitten has so we can match the right kitten with the right family.

Can I choose the kitten myself?

When there is more than one kitten available we match the kitten with the new family based on information provided in the application.

Do you take visitors to spend some time with your cats?

Only our clients who already have been matched with their kitten, read the sales agreement, and paid a deposit can visit us.

What is your application procedure?

After we receive an inquiry about a cat or kitten the client needs to fill out an application. Application is sent to each client individually. When/if the application is approved, a phone conversation follows after that. Only after a phone conversation, we can decide if we have the right kitten for the client.

Are your cats tested genetically?

Yes, we do test our cats genetically.

Do you ship your kittens/cats?

Usually, our clients pick up their kittens/cats from our home in the Tampa Bay area. A hand delivery is available for an extra fee.

Do you sell cats for breeding?

No, we don’t sell cats for breeding and we don’t provide stud services.

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